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Data Licensing Services And Strategies For Businesses

In the age of modern technology, many companies realize just how valuable data is as a key business asset. Data is more than just the names of clients. It is statistical information, customer feedback, sales numbers and intellectual property (IP) rights. However, just as it benefits companies to have data, it is important to protect data from exploitation.

At GalkinLaw, our team of lawyers can help clients nationwide develop data licensing services and strategies. We have extensive knowledge and experience advising clients on data privacy, consumer protection and compliance laws.

Treatment Of Data

Data may be protected by more than one IP right. A third party that wishes to use data for their company may need to acquire licensure from the data owner. Data owners and clients need to understand how a license can be used, including the use of the original data and the right to collect and compile data from customers and other parties and analyze customer or client data.

When discussing data licensing services, it is key to understand these matters. Our data licensing attorneys can discuss your legal options.

Negotiating A Data License Service

The licensor and licensee should carefully review the terms regarding the use of data. The data licensor should understand the inherent risk of granting another party the right to use data for business purposes and take proactive steps to protect their data.

The licensee should also understand that the licensor may take steps to limit data use or misuse. As such, both parties need to understand how they intend to use data so a concise service can be enacted. Our lawyers can help strategize a plan to make the most out of a data licensing service.

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