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What Is Software As A Service (SaaS)?

SaaS encompasses a wide range of online services distributed through outside providers, including banking, insurance, food distribution, advertising, car rental, travel and health care. Businesses can reduce expensive computer hardware and provide users with easy access to online services when they sign a SaaS agreement.

It is important to seek legal representation to understand your options for protecting your interests with a SaaS agreement. At GalkinLaw, we understand that there is an inherent risk in trusting an outside vendor to provide cloud-based services to businesses. We help businesses nationwide negotiate SaaS agreements for businesses of any size and any industry.

What Are The Risks Of A SaaS Agreement?

Software as a Service can help businesses hone in on existing markets while still controlling their costs. These services are often accessible, customizable and user-friendly. Instead of businesses maintaining heavy equipment to provide online services to clients, cloud providers are responsible for hosting services, including keeping software up to date, secure and operational.

That leaves certain elements out of a business’s control when they agree to the terms of a SaaS agreement. Businesses must rely heavily on SaaS providers to keep software updated, safe and running. As a result, SaaS vendors might be liable if there are any issues with a service, such as disturbances with online services or data breaches. This is why it is important to work with an experienced lawyer to ensure you have a strong SaaS agreement.

What Are Your Legal Options?

When it comes to a SaaS agreement, certain elements need to be discussed. Our attorneys can review and revise key terms of a SaaS agreement, including:

  • License scope, fees and term
  • System maintenance and response time
  • Data security and privacy policies
  • Software escrow
  • Warranties
  • Liability limitations

Some agreements include hidden and confusing language that could harm businesses. It is important to go over every aspect of a SaaS agreement.

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